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Marine Collagen + Dai Dai Skincare drink | Anti-Aging Anti-Glycation | 5200 mg. Hidrolized Collagen

Marine Collagen + Dai Dai Skincare drink | Anti-Aging Anti-Glycation | 5200 mg. Hidrolized Collagen

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Reverse skin aging and get back the glowing look you love in a few weeks!

Take 1 bottle each day to get:

  • A glowing and youthful image
  • Firmer skin and reduced wrinkles
  • Even skin tone
  • Healthy hair and nails.

Without added sugar, without preservatives, non-GMO, gluten free.

double NUTRI: Double Absorption and Double Effectiveness.

1 pack = 10 bottles x 50 ml. (10 days supply).


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Specifications, instructions and cautions

Marine Collagen - liquid food supplement.

Premium Marine Collagen drink:

  • non GMO (100% free of genetically modified organisms)
  • gluten free
  • without preservatives
  • without added sugar.

1 pack = 10 bottles x 50 ml. (10 days supply).

Each bottle contains 5200 mg of hydrolyzed Marine V Collagen.

double NUTRI: Double Absorption and Double Effectiveness.

Ingredients: Water, Apple Juice Concentrate, Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen (Fish), Thickener (Gum Acacia), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Trehalose*, Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) Flower Extract, Grape Flavor Liquid, Blueberry Flavor Liquid, Sunflower Lecithin Powder, Purple Carrot and Lemon Juice, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sweetener (Steviol Glycoside), Soy Peptide, Inulin, Green Tea Extract Powder.
* Trehalose is a source of glucose.

Instructions: Consume directly one bottle (50 ml) daily.


  • Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
  • It should be stored out of the reach of young children.
  • Pregnant, nursing women, people with allergies or under medication should consult with a health care professional before consumption.
  • If you have any discomfort or allergy after eating, please stop consuming.

Allergen information: Fish and soybeans.

Storage: Store at a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Nutrition Information (100 ml):

  • Energy 410 kJ / 98 kcal
  • Fat 0,1 g of which saturates 0,01 g
  • Carbohydrate 14,2 g of which sugars 9,8 g
  • Protein 10,2 g
  • Salt 70 mg
  • Vitamin C 4 mg 5% RI *

Salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium.

* Reference intake of an average adult: 8400 KJ / 2000 Kcal.

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Marine Collagen + Dai Dai Skincare - flowandshine

More and more women are adding this ONE product to their beauty routine for a natural rejuvenating effect

The latest breakthrough to effectively reverse skin aging from within and inhibit one of its main causes: glycation.

During our 30s the collagen content reduces sharply, resulting in increased skin aging, wrinkles, and other skin problems.

Collagen Loss with Age

Collagen fibers (white) and vascular tissues (red) reduce with age.

Aging is not the only cause behind collagen disruption, as other factors can affect its natural production, negatively impacting our skin.

Glycation - one of the main causes of skin aging

Glycation is a process by which the excessive sugar in the body combines with protein structure, forming the skin aging substance: AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products).

AGEs disrupts the structure of collagen and elastin in skin dermis and, combined with protein, accumulate in the skin intercellular substance, resulting in the formation of wrinkles, dry skin, sallow skin and other skin problems.

AGEs level increases 1,2% every year

Environmental factors:

  • Constant sun exposure (UV Damage)
  • Stress
  • Smoking.

Now, the good news is that after years of research and development, we came up with an effective solution to combat the harsh effects of depleted collagen...

... maintaining and stabilizing a firm skin structure while nourishing your skin and body with powerful ingredients to rejuvenate, and reinforce from within.

Exclusive formulation developed to help you restore your natural young look and fight Glycation

This perfect combination of ingredients helps you reduce wrinkles, age spots, and lightens your skin.


V Collagen - flowandshine

The cold north Atlantic cod fisheries deliver the most nutrient-rich and pure collagen: V Collagen.

Our exclusive formula contains collagen peptide type XXII, which maintains skin cell growth and stabilizes skin structure, while:

  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Improving skin elasticity
  • Easing inflammation
  • Helping clear up skin breakouts
  • Improving skin barrier.

DAI DAI - Citrus Blossom

Dai Dai citrus blossom - flowandshine

Efficacy tests have proven that citrus blossom extract inhibits advanced glycation end product (AGEs) formation by 39%, and consequently:

  • Slow down skin aging
  • Restore natural youthful beauty
  • Inhibit fat accumulation.


Soy peptide - flowandshine

Soy peptide is the key to boosting skin moisture (water retention) and elasticity.

Tests have confirmed that soy peptide with collagen reduces skin water loss and increases skin elasticity.

Marine Collagen + Dai Dai Skincare - flowandshine

Take our Marine Collagen drink today and see its amazing effects in a few weeks!

As you restore your collagen production, you’ll also notice relevant changes in your nails and hair, as they will grow stronger and faster, glowing at their peak!

Marine Collagen + Dai Dai - Anti Aging Skincare

Introduce it into your daily beauty routine and don't spend hours applying creams, masks, and lotions that will only cure your skin on the outside!

Let’s make it short: because our skin is exposed to the damages of our busy lives, integrating a deep and restoring supply is the best option we have to provide our body with the nutrients it needs.

Double Absorption - Double Effectiveness

double NUTRI technology - flowandshine

double NUTRI is a top-notch patented technology that provides the best absorption of nutrients.

National Taiwan University Hospital test results have shown the efficacy of double NUTRI:

1 bottle with double NUTRI = 2,33 bottles
1,94 times faster absorption

Get better results!

One bottle of flow & shine Marine Collagen is twice effective and acts faster, thanks to the double NUTRI technology.

... and what about the flavor?

Natural fruity taste

Enjoy every day the pleasant fruity taste of our Marine Collagen drink, that combines natural flavors of apple, grape and blueberry.

Collagen drink natural fruity taste - flowandshine

Is flow & shine Marine Collagen + Dai Dai the best for me?

  • You'll get the best possible quality: it is non-GMO, gluten-free, and has no added preservatives nor sugar.
  • Easy to consume: it comes in an easy-to-carry 50 ml. drink bottle.
  • It has a pleasant, natural fruity taste!
  • Kosher Certified: our marine V collagen complies with the standard of clean food certification.

We care about the environment

Our premium Marine Collagen drink was designed considering its environmental impact.

The Hidrolized Collagen, sourced only from sustainable Norwegian industries, has the MSC Fisheries Standard Certification, which supports the growth and maintenance of sustainable fish populations.

Our collagen drink comes in fully recyclable glass bottles and packaging.

Also, it is manufactured in an environmental friendly facility, with:

  • Renewable energy with reduced carbon emissions.
  • Minimal ecological disturbance.
  • Enclosed water recycling system.
  • Comprehensive industrial waste recycling.



  • A glowing and youthful image
  • Firmer skin and reduced wrinkles
  • Protects and evens skin tone
  • Healthy hair and nails.

Marine Collagen + Dai Dai - Anti Aging Skincare

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Lola mora lario

Me encanta este producto ya llevo 80 días tomando y voy a pedir otros dos y me encanta este producto y lo serios que son para mandarlo

Amaia Uranga

He notado mucho en la uniformidad de la piel y también a la hira de coger el moreno super vonita la piel

Maribel Puigbert Organvidez

Mejoría en piel y peló extraordinarios

Cristina Navas

Solo llevo una semana y noto cambios en mi piel, compre para un mes para probar que tal y de momento promete, repetiré seguro, muchas gracias

Mila De Miguel Gisbert
Muy bueno

He notado sus efectos en la segunda caja, para mi el unico defecto es el precio

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